Pale billed flower pecker, Bangalore

This is also called as Tickell’s flowerpecker. One of the tiniest birds in India that feeds primarily on Nectar and berries found in south India and Srilanka. I have seen this bird frequent the singapore cherry tree frequently and the berry is mostly consumed as a whole.

Thick Billed flower pecker, Bangalore

This species flowerpecker is about 10 cm long (slightly bigger than pale billed flowerpecker) and has a dark stout beak and short tail. They are dark grey brown above and dull greyish with diffuse streaking on light buffy underparts. Like other flowerpeckers they feed mainly on berries, nectar but sometimes eat insects too. This is classified as least concern bu IUCN.

pale and thick billed flower peckers

For comparison – Pale-billed flowerpecker and Thick-billed flowerpecker in the same perch. Pale billed is to the left and the thick billed is to the right of the frame.