Common Stonechat, Bangalore

They are also called as The Siberian stonechat or Asian stonechat. This is a female of the species and is identified by the pale brown upper parts and head, white neck patches (not a full collar). This is a insectivorous bird and is classified as least concern.

Lady Kestrel, Bangalore

  One of my favorite raptors that you could easily spot in the winters alon the grasslands across the country.A little far away image but loved the setting.

Pallid Harrier Female, Bangalore

Pallid Harrier is also known as the pale harrier, the male birds are in pale color. This is a female bird found her warming up on the sun one early winter (December) morning.

Grey Heron, Juvenile

  A wading heron found near wetlands. It is a native bird across temperate Asia and Europe. It does do local migrations based on the water availability. They are fairly sized birds with a wing span of over 6ft. This is probably a Juvenile bird as the forehead, sides of the head and the centre of the crown are greyish, whereas in adults these are whitish.