Golden Jackal posing

One of the last images of the series before it ran away deeper into inaccessible territory.

Golden Jackal, turnback

  Spent over 2 hours with this Jackal observing as it roamed around the grass land looking for a meal.

Golden Jackal, Bangalore

One fine morning when we were lucky to spot two individuals.

Cattle Egret Non-breeding plumage

A bird that undergoes magnificent transformation between the breeding and non breeding plummages – from the whites to the leg color. It is seen mainly around feeding cattle and hence the name. This was not seen much before 1952 in the Americas but seen abundantly now.

Grey Heron, Bangalore

A wading heron found near wetlands. Here in this image the feathers are ruffled. It is a native bird across temperate Asia and Europe. It does do local migrations based on the water availability. They are fairly sized birds with a wing span of over 6ft. This is probably a Juvenile bird as the forehead, sides of the head and the centre of the crown are greyish, whereas in adultsthese are whitish.