Lion-tailed macaque eating Jackfruit

  The Lion tailed macaque is seen here feeding on one of its favorite food – Jack fruit. This high endangered monkey is a rainforest dweller and are found in the western ghat range and southern part of India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Lion-tailed macaque

  We observed this gang of LTM just before we reached Valparai. They were gorging on Jack fruits from the trees on the rain forest by the side of the road and that is when this individual decided to come down and strike a pose with his tail up. The name Lion Tailed Macaque is because of the similar looking tail of the Macaque and the Lion.

Nilgiri Thar

  Nilgiri Thar is also known as the Nilgiri Ibex that is found in the southern parts of the western ghats – more specifically in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Another endangered species from the western ghats, the main reason being habitat loss due to increasing agriculture, coffee and tea plantations.