A pair of Brown Cheeked Fulvetta, Dandeli

A pair if Brown Cheeked Fulvetta, Dandeli

A pair of Brown Cheeked Fulvetta, Dandeli


Brown-cheeked fulvetta measures 15 cm including its longish tail. It is brown above and buff, with no patterning on the body or wings. The crown is grey, and the cheeks are dark. Brown-cheeked fulvettas have short dark bills. Their food is mainly insects and nectar. They can be difficult to observe in the dense vegetation they prefer, but these are vocal birds, and their characteristic calls are often the best indication that these birds are present. The brown-cheeked fulvetta is a resident breeding bird in Bangladesh, India and Southeast Asia. Its habitat is undergrowth in moist forests and scrub jungle. This species, like most babblers, is not migratory, and has short rounded wings and a weak flight.

This babbler builds its nest in a tree, concealed in dense masses of foliage. The normal clutch is two or three eggs. Not globally threatened and classified as least concern by IUCN. In India, common in West Mysore South to West Tamil Nadu; locally very common in hills of peninsular India; uncommon in Kaziranga and Nameri.

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