Sykes-s Nightjar a.k.a Sindh Nightjar

Sykes-s Nightjar a.k.a Sindh Nightjar

Sykes was surprise catch and all credit to Dr. Bingley from Singapore who was with us Birding that day to have spotted this out of nowhere. It took me about 4 mins to spot the sykes in naked eyes….I was in knee deep water getting the right angle to shoot the Flamingos…by that time all others were at least a km away walking in the shore line and they spotted the sykes there. It had perched itself on solidified shells and rocks and they all waited for me to come near them before they approached it closely. Thanks to Jugal for holding off the temptation to go close by until I arrived. I used the top left focus point to get compo right and include some part of the rocks in the foreground…. It is a full frame image.


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