DF WildKids – Puzzles / Quiz – July 2016

DF Wildkids @ FaceBook  DF WildKids Home     Contact Us Back Issues Write to team@digitalfrescos.com for comments / suggestions. PUZZLE   –  WORD SEARCH   ********************************** Hi Kids, I’m Benny the Little Bear! Here is a word pool with words related to Birds. The words to be searched by you will be displayed in the list shown on the right side. Drag and select a word to lock it and the locked word will be deleted from the list. Happy Puzzling!   [wordsearch-mp ws_size=750 ws_dimension=12 mywordlist=’HAWK,EAGLE,PIGEON,VULTURE,SPARROW,PARAKEET,QUAIL,WARBLER,WOODPECKER,PELICAN,GROSBEAK,KESTREL’]   Liked this Page? Write your comments / suggestions here..   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7