Purplerumped and Oriental White eye

Here you could see that the Oriental white eye is on the left and the sunbird male is on the right, both showing their back. The sunbird gets to move towards the white eye you can see the reaction of the whiteeye is to move back. This white eye is small (about 8–9 cm long) with yellowish olive upper parts, a white eye ring, yellow throat and vent. The belly is whitish grey but may have yellow in some subspecies. The sexes look similar. They forage in small groups, feeding on nectar and small insects. They are easily identified by the distinctive white eye-ring and overall yellowish upper parts. The purple rumped sunbird is also a small about 8-10 cm long bird, roughly the size of a humming bird. These small birds are usually seen feeding on the nectar from flowers, using their curved bill / beak.

Leptocoma zeylonica, Zosterops palpebrosus

The fight continues

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