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Welcome to DF WildKids Puzzle Page. Scroll this page to play the Puzzles and Quiz. Happy Puzzling!


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Hi Kids, I’m Benny the Little Bear!

Here is a word pool with words related to Landforms of our Earth. The words to be searched by you will be displayed in the list shown on the right side. Drag and select a word to lock it and the locked word will be deleted from the list. Happy Puzzling!







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Solve this Jigsaw puzzle. Click on the pieces and place them in the correct position to solve the puzzle. Use the options below the puzzle board. Click the Ghost option to get more help to solve the puzzle. The full screen button on the right corner will give a most convenient way to play the puzzle.

Click other options like Image, Arrange or rearrange and Restart menu as per your choice.

Happy Puzzling!





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Solve this Sliding Puzzle

Dear Kids, Solve this sliding puzzle by moving the pieces. Press F5 to play again!

Leptocoma zeylonica, Zosterops palpebrosus

The fight continues

[slide-puzzle width=650 pieces=8 myimage=’./wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Aggression-2.jpg’ message=’Brilliant! Press F5 to play again!’]









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Quiz Time

Select your answers and click on the Check Answer button to view the results.

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[QTL-Question id=37]

[QTL-Question id=38]




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