Wood Sandpiper

  A small wader and a long distance winter migrant known to fly about 2300 to 4500 kilo meters non stop. They usually breed in the sub artic wetlands and migrate to Africa, India and other parts of south Asia.

Pond Heron

A very common bird around the wetlands of India. This individual is in assuming breeding plumage. For some individuals during breeding season the legs turn to red color.

Ashy Minivet

A long distant migrant and one of the surprise find of the 2015-16 winter around Bangalore. For a bird that is rare even a cluttery image like this will work :-). The male is grey above and whitish below. It has a black cap with a white forehead and there is a white band across the flight-feathers. The outer tail feathers are white. The bill and feet are black.

Fish stealer

The grey plumaged heron was wading through the edge of the water looking for prey. It waited patiently to and motionless to strike a blow and tach the fish. Just as it caught the fish it did not it was being watched by the Brahminy kite too which made a quick dash to snatch the prey. This image was made at that moment when the Bhrahminy kite made the attempt to steal the fish. However, the Grey heron was quick to react and jumped, flow away, to be chased by the Brahminy kite…however the kite was not successful in attempting to steal. The meal was made for the heron.

Fishing Painted Storks

A little water attracts so much activity, this is another case of the presence of water attracting a large number of storks and herons. This image portrays the typical behavior of the painted storks. These birds with their long bill dipped into the shallow water keep moving it sideways while keeping it submerged and at the same time walk slowly in the water too. As the prey moves, the stork feels it through the sense of touch they do a quick snatch to make a meal of it. In this image one stork has a frog for the meal and the other two are continuing their fishing. These storks are classified as Near Threatened as per IUCN.