Vernal Hanging Parrot

A small cute bird about 15 cm with a very short tail. This is a female of the species, the male has a red beak and small throat patch that is blue in color. This image was made in the morning and was anti light. However very happy to click this image during a family trip.

Lion-tailed macaque eating Jackfruit

  The Lion tailed macaque is seen here feeding on one of its favorite food – Jack fruit. This high endangered monkey is a rainforest dweller and are found in the western ghat range and southern part of India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Nilgiri Thar

  Nilgiri Thar is also known as the Nilgiri Ibex that is found in the southern parts of the western ghats – more specifically in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Another endangered species from the western ghats, the main reason being habitat loss due to increasing agriculture, coffee and tea plantations.