Starlings and Redvented bulbul, Corbett

A roadkill of the red vented bulbul was being cleansed by the starlings. We ere driving on the fringes of the Corbett forest where we first saw the starlings on the ground in a group. As we approached slowly we saw the roadkill. We then went a few feet away and waited for the starlings to make their appearance back .

DF WildKids Magazine – September 2016

DF WildKids October 2016 edition will be published shortly. Dear Kids, Welcome to DF WildKids Magazine September 2016 video edition. Now, enjoy watching your DF WildKids video magazine and write your feedback to us and win amazing prizes!  Click on the play button to play the video magazine! Your player may take 10-20 seconds to load. Pause the video, if you need more time to read then play to move further. In this same page you could see your favorite puzzles too! Happy Watching!   Your browser does not support the video tag. Welcome to Puzzles and Quiz section of DF WildKids Magazine. In this page, every month new puzzles are added in all the following sections and you could play them any time. Happy Puzzling! Click on the images to play puzzles and Quiz. Write your comments / suggestions here.. DF WildKids Magazine – September 2016 – Video Version Contents: Editors Talk – Write your feedback and win prizes! Slide Show of this Month From a Birder’s Diary Amazing Facts Jungle Safari with Benny the Little Bear …  Hi, I’m Benny the Little Bear! Are you ready for a jungle safari?  Lets Go! The scientific name of Mongoose is […]

DF WildKids June 2016- Puzzles

DF Wildkids @ FaceBook  DF WildKids Home     Contact Us Back Issues Write to for comments / suggestions. PUZZLE   –  WORD SEARCH   ********************************** Hi Kids, I’m Benny the Little Bear! Here is a word pool with words related to agriculture. The words to be searched by you will be displayed in the list shown on the right side. Drag and select a word to lock it and the locked word will be deleted from the list. Happy Puzzling! [wordsearch-mp ws_size=750 ws_dimension=12 mywordlist=’BIOTECHNOLOGY,CHAFF,CROP,DESERTIFICATION,ORGANIC,HORTICULTURE,PLANTATION,WINNOW,THRESH,TOPSOIL,PESTICIDES’]   Liked this Page? Write your comments / suggestions here..   Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  

Lesser Coucal

Lesser Coucal Another bird that is least concern as per IUCN. We were scanning for tigers in Bijrani where we sighted this. A sulker to get in the open was pure luck.

DF WildKids – May 2016

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